Distinguished participants, the participants of the congress will be able to publish the full texts of their presentations. Please consider one of the two options below.

1- If you would like your paper to be included in the full text book, you are expected to submit your full text by 15 August 2020 using the form below. Once the full texts have been received, the full text book will be published as soon as the processes are completed. Use the following Word template for full text.

2- If you want the full text of your paper to be published in one of the “ “Türksosbilder” journal, you must upload them to the journal’s system. The publication of full-text articles is decided by the journal editorial board according to the functioning of both journals and the referee process. If you are going to send your work to one of these journals, please provide an explanation in the footnote, which is presented as an oral paper at the V. Turkcess Congress of Education and Social Sciences.